At Young Dermatology, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

To whom it may concern re: Dr. Alison Young I have been a patient of Dr. Young for at least 9 years. I started seeing her after my previous dermatologist missed a diagnosis of cutaneous melanoma. Since that time I have continued to be examined by her for skin checks, confident that she will not miss anything which might be a potential problem. I have not been disappointed. Her clinical judgment is impeccable. Her surgical abilities are superb. She is a wonderfully gifted diagnostician, something I truly appreciate. As a retired physician I know how important it is to be entrusted with the care of a patient. I recognize, first hand, that Dr. Young shares that ideal and strives to be worthy of that trust. In addition, her new office space is wonderful and very accessible. Her support staff is well trained and a credit to her clinical dermatology practice. I wish her every success as she certainly deserves this.

I’ve had dermatological issues for many years and have consulted many reputable physicians. Finally, I met Dr. Alison Young, who took the time to really address those issues. Her approach has been remarkably different and thorough. She is a physician who takes the time to listen, examine, investigate and come up with evidence-based treatment. Seeing her for follow up is a joy. She greets me with a big smile and genuine concern. Her clinic is aesthetically impeccable, and staff are very helpful and so pleasant. I feel very fortunate to have her as my trusted dermatologist and partner in my care. Her expertise and caring are exemplary. Dr. Young, her staff, and her delightful office space are a treasure.

I absolutely adore Dr. Young and would never trust my skincare needs to anyone else! Been with her since 2013!!

Dr. Young is amazing! She is the only doctor I would trust with my skin. She is above and beyond and I live in Miami and will travel to Seattle any time to see her! If you’re looking for a good dermatologist look no further! Dr. Young is the one!

I meant to write about my experience with Dr. Alison Young long time ago as I have been her patient for at least ten years by now, back when she still worked at Virginia Mason and later on until now when she started her own clinic. Being from a medical family myself, I can probably better understand all the inner tensions of a medical career. With this said, in my long history of contacts with many different doctors and medical providers, Dr. Young definitely stands out for many reasons, and I would like to name just a few as the list could be much longer: She is a very caring person, deeply committed to her work and her patients which by itself has become quite rare but still remains such a desirable and important professional quality. Dr. Young is extremely knowledgeable and has more than excellent credentials and very impressive accomplishments from such Ivy League universities as Harvard and Cornell. She is open to communication and never appears to be arrogant or dismissive to the patient, listening carefully and taking into account any patient’s concerns. Dr. Young is reachable practically 24/7, and in my own experience with her she would reply to my messages within minutes even on weekends, early in the morning, during busy office hours, etc. which always amazes me. She is not checking her watch to indicate that your time with her is over (which is kind of common practice with many others) but she patiently listens to you and makes very valuable suggestions. But she never pushes you into any treatment that you don’t want to be done. Finally, Dr. Young is equally excellent in providing medical (specific) dermatological treatments and also procedures in the field of cosmetology. I had both with her and was never disappointed. Her new office is absolutely amazing in many ways – aesthetically beautiful, extremely well equipped with all the newest technology, and with excellent medical and office staff. Everything is so well thought of that every visit to this clinic feels more like a treat than like a usual stressful experience. If you are looking for the provider concerning any dermatological issues, I believe Dr. Young is the best. Take my advice, and you will never be disappointed. By the way, my husband became her patient as well and he feels just the same. In short, Dr. Young is equally knowledgeable, caring, and committed to her patients – the best medical doctor I have met in many years! Thank you!

Very professional, effective and thorough caring treatment. I have been seeing Dr Young for several types of treatments since 2014, and she has always provided the most thorough explanation of the conditions, the causes, the treatments and the expected results. She is the best!

This was the first time I ever went into a dermatologist for any kind of botox and so I was a little nervous. Dr. Young made me feel so secure and relaxed the entire time she was in the room and doing the injections. She never pressured me to do anything and did a really good job of explaining each procedure and what it would do and if it was good for me or not. She was very honest but caring at the same time. I have found my new and hopefully last dermatologist. Dr. Young is amazing and I have already recommended two other people who are just as excited/nervous as I was before I meet with Dr. Young. They are going to love her! I want to also call out how nice and fun the front office seemed to have with every patient during check in and check out. All the assistants were wonderful and everyone was just in an amazing mood which helped in regards to calming the nerves that I had prior to being seen. I would recommend anyone looking for a new dermatologist that they reach out to Dr. Young!

I don’t need to provide a long detailed account: Dr. Young is the *the* best dermatologist. I am extremely picky about my medical care and I have been her patient and followed her in her career for years and years. If she moved to another city, I might seriously consider doing the same just to stay with her. Not only is she incredibly talented and knowledgeable, but she includes me in a way that I’ve found with far too few doctors. It is clear that my experiences matter and are taken into account for my treatment. You are really doing yourself a disservice if you see any other dermatologist!

Dr. Young has been my dermatologist for many years since her time at Virginia Mason. Since I worshipped the sun in my younger years I started having skin issues decades ago. Through the years I have been treated by numerous dermatologists. I have no hesitancy in stating that Dr. Young is the absolute best of the bunch. She treats me 3 - 4 times a year to keep my skin healthy and skin cancer issues at bay. Her skills and knowledge are exemplary. Her bedside manner is superb. I always feel I’m in the hands of a top-notch physician who sincerely cares about her patients. I never feel rushed. To top it off her sense of humor is delightful. While at Virginia Mason she treated my 90+ year old dad who had very large skin scabs and growths covering the top of his head. After weeks of treatment my Dad, for the first time in years, felt comfortable being in public again. Dr. Young restored his dignity and I’m forever grateful for that. She is absolutely, unequivocally, the ‘par excellence’ in her field.

I have been a devoted patient of Alison Young, MD, for years, having followed her from Virginia Mason to her own practice.  I followed Dr. Young for a reason:  she is simply the best, across the spectrum!  Most of my issues have concerned skin disorders on the face and lips, doubtless the product of a life lived hell bent in pursuit of sunshine and in reckless disregard of the toll unprotected exposure to the sun can exact.  During the course of multiple visits over the years, Dr. Young has never failed to diagnose, treat, counsel and console regarding my various skin conditions correctly, properly and with respect.  Most importantly, she has made it a professional point always to be available to address both my perceived crises, both real and imagined.  Thank you, Dr. Young,  I am eternally grateful. You are a class person and a true professional!

We treasure our relationship with Dr. Alison Young.  Both of us have been patients for over a decade and we have never felt more cared for by a medical professional.  Alison has always taken the time to listen to our questions and to discuss appropriate treatment and procedures.  Sean feels that she has saved his life because of her concern and aggressive treatment of his skin cancer.  His previous dermatologist seemed more interested in the number of patients rather than the individual patient. We couldn't ask for a more dedicated, caring and wonderful person to have in our lives.

I was blessed to be referred to Dr. Alison Young after my first melanoma was found and removed when I was in my early 20s. It was a scary time for me and Dr. Young assuaged my fears and anxiety associated with my melanoma. It is extremely evident that you are more than a patient to Dr. Young. She gives you personal care and takes a genuine interest in who you are as a person, which is rare in the medical profession of late. Dr. Young quite literally saved my life when I had another melanoma appear recently. Her immediate actions provided me the best care possible. I had no fear this time because I knew Dr. Young would take great care of me. She went above and beyond for me and I know she does the same for all of her patients. I count myself as blessed for meeting her and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone and everyone.