Dermatopathologist vs. Dermatologist

Typically, a dermatologist is the doctor you would turn to for any symptoms or conditions that affect the skin, hair or nails. Most dermatologists will be able to examine a lesion, growth, rash or other skin-related symptoms and diagnose the problem based on a visual exam alone; however, when further testing is required such as a biopsy, then a dermatopathologist is going to be the best doctor to turn to.

What is a dermatopathologist?

A dermatopathologist is both a dermatologist and a pathologist that has received specialized training to be able to analyze, diagnose and treat skin conditions at a more cellular level. When does this come in handy? Say you need to get a biopsy performed on a suspicious growth or lesion. You could go to a dermatologist, but more than likely a dermatopathologist is going to be better suited to your needs. Why? Because a dermatopathologist can actually take the samples, examine the tissue under a microscope and provide a clear diagnosis.

When should I turn to a dermatopathologist?

There are many reasons to seek out care from a dermatopathologist instead of a dermatologist; however, these two professionals often work closely together. You may benefit from seeing a dermatopathologist if you are dealing with,

Immunological skin problems
Infectious skin diseases
Melanoma and other skin cancers
Pediatric skin diseases 

For many skin disorders and diseases that require further testing, a dermatopathologist will typically be the one examining the tissue and providing a diagnosis. Furthermore, if you are looking for a second opinion regarding a cancer diagnosis, a dermatopathologist can also provide you with extensive testing, diagnosis and a treatment plan.

A dermatopathologist provides you with specific and detailed observations based on the tissue sample they have analyzed. They offer one-on-one consultative services and second opinions to those dealing with more complex and serious skin diseases, infections and disorders. A dermatopathologist also treats patients of all ages, from infants to seniors.

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