Hair Removal

Why consider laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a quick, comfortable and efficient way to permanently remove unwanted hair on different areas of the face or body. Lasers beam highly concentrated light into hair follicles, targeting the dark roots and destroying the hair. Patients are often thrilled at how convenient and quick laser hair removal is, producing results in just a few treatments.

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We use only the top technology in the industry.

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the most advanced and intelligent laser for laser hair removal

CLARITY II™ offers a broad range of spot sizes from 2mm to 24mm and pulse widths, allowing for the use of short pulses like 1.0ms and delivery of high energy to remove fine facial hair, more effectively, compared to other hair removal platforms. The new technology offers real-time temperature-sensing function which provides us with information regarding treatment efficacy and safety. It is faster, more efficacious, powerful and consistent.